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When you invest in Second Harvest Food Bank’s
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Meet Our Team

For information on joining the Ultimate Garden Party Event Committee, please email Veronica J. Mucha at VJMucha@FeedHopeNow.org

Carralyce Buford, Co- Chair

“In a community where hope can seem scarce, Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida stands as a beacon of compassion and support, transforming lives through the simple, profound act of providing a meal. Their work does more than feed the hungry; it nourishes the spirit of our entire community.

Jaquie Dua, Co-Chair

“When able, I believe in giving back to your community is not only a privilege but a responsibility. I absolutely love working with Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida because they’ve made a commitment to feed our neighbors facing hunger. By doing so they not only provide meals but also hope.”

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Andrea Patenaude

“So many people in my community go without food and that is not okay. To think of families being hungry and knowing, I can help, by either donating money, or my time makes me realize that I can help make a difference in other people’s lives.”

Ashley Bedford

Ashley Bedford

Being on a team helping solve the hunger in our community is huge for me. Growing up, I was one of the silent suffers of not having enough. Most of the people that really need second harvest; we would never even guess. Being a part of a mission to help even just a little bit means the world! 

rebecca Drake

Becky Drake

“Fighting hunger means empowering a change in our community one meal at a time. Our collective efforts can turn the tide against food insecurity and offer hope to families facing hunger.”

Cherlette Mc

Cherlette McCullough

“Studies have shown that food insecurity and mental health are deeply interconnected. People experiencing hunger often face stress, anxiety, and depression, which can have a significant impact on their overall well-being. I am passionate about fighting hunger in Central Florida because I believe in building a community that thrives on wellbeing, happiness, and support.”

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Daniel Betancourt

“No one in our community should go hungry. And when our fellow neighbors need a helping hand, Second Harvest Food Bank is there. Second Harvest has the power to change lives and does so every day for those in need in Central Florida.”

Janielle Whitehead

“Growing up in Orlando has been a transformative journey, witnessing the city’s growth alongside my own evolution from childhood to adulthood. In the midst of shaping my life goals and professional aspirations, one unwavering constant has been a desire to making a positive impact in my community.”


Jordan Vaughn

“Supporting Second Harvest is not just about donating resources; it’s about investing in the health, well-being, and future of our community. Their work reaches far beyond the dinner table, offering hope, dignity, and a path forward for those in need.”


Katie Johnson

“Everyone deserves the opportunity to feel joy and love when cooking or eating, regardless of economic status. Sharing food with others is my love language and I am grateful to be able to help fight hunger in Central Florida with Second Harvest Food Bank.”

Rachel Barnes Eisenberg

“What does fighting hunger and feeding hope mean to me? it means doing my part to ensure that no one- from children to our elderly- experiences hunger. No one should have to worry about where their next meal is coming from. No one should feel the impacts of hunger.”

Sharon Joseph

“I’m on a mission to combat hunger and inspire hope! The increasing number of families facing hunger is a powerful call to action. Second Harvest Food Bank’s daily impact, fueled by relentless support and donations, is changing lives and creating an exciting wave of positive change!”

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